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We believe that every patient who comes into our ENT and sinusitis clinic is unique in their needs and expectations. Understanding our patients and delivering holistic care in a timely and cost-effective manner is our top priority. At My ENT Specialist, we take time to listen to you. Our services are carefully tailored to cater to children and adults alike.

To ensure the best outcomes, we make sure our ENT treatments are evidence-based and backed by years of experience and research. With a vast clinical experience spanning over 20 years, ENT Head & Neck Surgeon, Dr Paul Mok, offers a wide range of services to treat nasal allergies, sinus infections, ear problems, sleep apnea and allergic rhinitis in Singapore.

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Speech is our main form of communication. Like many things in life, we often take our voice for granted and do not realize how important our voice is, until we lose it.

Patients with OSA have difficulty breathing when they sleep because their upper air passages in the nose and throat collapse and obstruct more easily than those that do not have OSA.

We have several small air-filled spaces within our skull, located behind our cheeks, in between our eyes and over our forehead.

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