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When Swallowing Food Becomes a Problem: Dysphagia

Eating well is fundamental to one’s overall good health and wellbeing. However, there are others among us who have to endure a life without this basic pleasure because of dysphagia, an inability to swallow.

5 things that cause you to lose your voice and ways to get it back

Have you ever lost your voice? Do you know what happens to your vocal cords? Our vocal cords are located within the Adam's apple (thyroid cartilage) in the middle of our neck. Production of sound happens when air from the lungs passes through the vocal cords, causing them to vibrate.

Hard to swallow

For many, eating is a pleasure. Some literally "live to eat", but there are others among us who endure a life of misery, deprived of this basic pleasure because of the inability to swallow.

Signs of voice damage

We strain our vocal cords more often than we realise. Under normal circumstances, plenty of rest and fluids should help, but there are times when you have to consult a specialist.

Sleeping danger

Snoring is an annoying but common problem that in some cases can signal a serious condition known as sleep apnea.

Know Your ENT Specialist
Dr Paul Mok
Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon
MBBS, FRCS (Glasgow), FAMS (ORL)

Dr Paul Mok Kan Hwei is a certified specialist in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) and has had a distinguished career in public service for the past 23 years.

He cares for patients with a wide variety of ENT conditions including managing patients with nasal allergies, sinus infections, ear problems and swellings in the head and neck region. His special areas of interests are in Voice, Swallowing and managing patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Dr Lau Hung Tuan
Consultant ENT Surgeon
MBBS (London), MRCS (Edinburgh), MMed (ORL), FAMS (ORL)

Dr Lau Hung Tuan is a Ministry of Health-accredited ENT specialist in Singapore. He is passionate about finding holistic, tailored and individualised care plans for his patients.

He treats patients with a wide range of ENT conditions, such as sinus infection, nasal allergy, ear problems and neck lumps. His special area of interest is in the sub-specialty field of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).